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Marketing services, especially traffic and video are our specialties.

Hey if you’ve come to this website you are probably

dealing with issue of needing more customers/clients.
Hi, I'm Dan.
And the good news is I’ve been dealing with that for over 10 years.
And I have a specific way to help you get from a few customers and little exposure.
To massive exposure and many more customers
From frustration.
To freedom.
I promise I can help you accomplish that.

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Do you sometimes struggle to find creative and effective marketing strategies?

You're not alone.

Finding an itelligent, creative and fun loving marketing company is one of the most precious skills anyone in business can possess.

But at school we only learned reading, writing and arithmatic. They skipped the part about effective, low cost marketing strategies.

We missed the part about how to give Google what they love in order to blast our content all over the internet.

And don't even mention how to market your reputation. Who's even heard of that?

Well that's exactly what Paramount Publishing Group aims to do.

Whether you need:

  • massive online visibility
  • reputation marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Or you simply need to stop paying outrageous fees for PPC marketing,

We are the people you need to talk to.

Creative Client Getting Services

Strategy & Content

What if I told you I could get an article about your business published by over 300 high authority news sites in 72 hours?

And what if I told you that article would be on the first page of google? If I did that first, would you be willing to talk to me about doing this for your business on a monthly basis.

We can help you grow your business by getting you more leads. We partner with online media outlets to help that happen.

I am talking about organic lead generation which is far superior to Pay Per Click. Here is what we are going to do.

We will publish articles about your business and/or services to high authority sites. That's going to drive traffic to your site.

As that traffic grows people will pay more attention to you. This means you and your business will be found in more places, by even more people, grabbing more attention than ever before.

We Get You Seen and Heard!

This is not SEO! We are going to create a content marketing campaign where we increase awareness about your business.

We get websites talking about and mentioning your business. You are actually going to see some big name sites with your business on them.

Our Writing Service Guarantees: A News worthy article will rank for low to mid competition key words in 72 hrs. It will be picked up by at least 300 authority news sites such as ABC and NBC.

Paramount Publishing Group places your content on the authority sites needed to rank it high, and rank it fast (within 72 hours).

It is being published on these mainstream news sites that gets you your high rankings.

One Well written article = Five Benefits

  • Authority Links (High As DA 8) Traffic And Rankings From Article Media Recognition Authority citations 98% of Local Businesses Don't Have Improved Reputation

Skeptical, I don't blame you. So Let Me Offer Some Proof Our article for Shaw Auto ranking no.1 first page of google for over 11 million results in less than 72 hours!

Another article ranking 1st for over 28 million results in less than 72 hours . Shaw auto repair went from having no exposure online to being on the first page.

More Proof No.1 over 7 million results in less than 72 hours for our vehicle wrap story.

Proof is in the above video.

Like what you see? Call me at 330-957-5392

Video Marketing

For local business owners video has become a vital part of the strategic conversation.
Video marketing is long past the status of an "up-and-coming" tactic. It's here, and it's an increasingly powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects.
My aim is to share with you why you need video as your go-to- marketing strategy.

About 75% of people (about 3 in 4) online right now are watching a video...

4x as many people prefer to watch a video about a product before buying...

25% of people lose interest in a product or company if they don’t have a video...

75% of local businesses who use video see a positive impact on their business…

Using ‘Video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click-thrus by 65%.

An ad-hoc, piecemeal approach to video marketing will be unlikely to yield results. Be really clear on what you want to achieve, and create video content that fits in with your wider digital strategy.


Digital Display Ads

What if I ran a retargeting campaign for you but I did not charge you a percentage?

How shocked would you be? Your jaw would drop because you have never heard of that. But.......

isn't that what everyone else does? And I don't blame you for not going along with that nonsense.

Stop paying ourtrageous fees! Let me show you how to get more from your PPC campaigns for a lot less money.

Now to be honest, the money in display ad marketing is in the cold traffic industry. Meaning, I will bring visitors to your site who have not even heard of your business.

So what do you think about that?

And please know that I can do the same with video ads.

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shaw auto care inc.

Steve Shaw

Great service and advice on how to take my business to the next level. Always willing to meet with me at times that work with my crazy schedule! I highly recommend.You can now polish your website by simply clicking on the text. You can edit, move or delete the text as often as you like.

Paramount publishing group customer

Carl Riedel

I have worked with Dan on several different occasions, both for my own sites and client sites. In each case the results were nothing short of amazing. I would recommend Dan's services to anyone looking to get better exposure online.You can now polish your website by simply clicking on the text. You can edit, move or delete the text as often as you like.

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Doctor Gene Hummel

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Dan. For someone who is reliable and has integrity you can't beat Paramount Publishing Group.w polish your website by simply clickinIf youg on the text. You can edit, move or delete the text as often as you like.

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